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  • Finishing

    Shine A Light For Top Coat Finish Success
    How To Remove Stickers From Plywood
    Scrape or Wipe Glue? It Depends
    Iím Dropping The Brush
    Repair Before You Buy
    Preparation Is 99 Percent of the Job
    Filing Finishes
    Preparing For Outdoor Projects
    To Pre-Finish Or Not To Pre-Finish
    Quick Tip: Cheating a Gloss Paint Finish
    Use Wax For A Screw
    Finishing Platform
    Cheaper Wood is OK
    Smooth Stain Finishing Tip
    Make Your Own Detail Sander
    Repairs With Pocket Holes
    Think Outside The Paint Can
    Antiquing and Distressing Techniques: Worm Holes
    Antiquing and Distressing Techniques: Dents & Dings
    Antiquing and Distressing Techniques: Worn Edges


    Pocket Hole Joinery
    Whatís The Hurry? Learn To Go Slow
    Torque Down!
    Itís Not Only Hip, But Necessary To Be Square
    Keep Your Mind On What Youíre Doing
    Pilot Hole Woes
    Clamps, Clamps, Clamps
    The Five Things You Must Know About Being A Beginner Woodworker
    Clearing Boards of Brads


    Buying Guide for Second-Hand Tools (for DIY Network)
    Beginner Power Tools: The First Three
    Beginner Power Tools: The Second Round
    Donít Be A Power Tool Snob
    Beginner Hand Tools: Measuring & Marking


    Setting Up Shop On The Farm
    (for Massey Ferguson FarmLife)
    Modular Workshop Floorings (for Woodcraft Magazine)
    Scrap the Scrap
    Hats In The Shop

    Woodworking Glossary


    Beginner Tip: How to Create a Handle Opening
    Beginner Hand Tools: Measuring & Marking
    Label Project Parts
    Cut As You Go
    Scrap Wood Use #1: Templates
    Board Stretcher
    Table Saw Stop Block
    Easy Arcs
    Simple Circles
    Use a Coin for a Radius
    Replicating a Radius Cut


    Why I Donít (usually) Do Project Plan Cost Estimates
    Study Your Lumber
    Project Design: Think Of Your Audience
    Three Phases of a Project: Phase 1-Design
    Three Phases of Projects: Phase 2-Test
    Three Phases of Projects: Phase 3-Build
    Hide Them Screws
    Sizing Furniture: Seat Height
    Sizing Furniture: Seat Width
    Sizing Furniture: Seath Depth
    Sizing Furniture: Table Height
    Sizing Furniture; Table Width and Depth
    Sizing Furniture: Desks
    Sizing Furniture: Beds
    Build vs. Buy
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