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  • SketchUp File Downloads

    Click on the items below to download a compressed (.zip) file for the SketchUp file (version 7) for each.

    Simple Utility Stand

    Simple Shop Stool

    Simple Tool Tote

    Simple Mudroom Bench

    Simple Wine Storage Table

    Simple Bookcase

    Simple Kitchen Island

    Simple 2x4 Desk

    Simple Hall Table

    Simple Demilune

    Simple Card Table

    Simple Party Bench

    Simple Crafting Stool

    Simple Kitchen Desk

    Simple Kitchen Stool

    Simple Utility Chair

    Simple Workbench

    Simple Outfeed Table

    Simple Assembly Bench

    Simple Rustic Chair

    Simple Firepit Bench

    Simple Side Table

    Simple Desk

    Simple Entry Bench

    Simple Accent Bench

    Simple Accent Table

    Simple Party Chair

    Simple Crafting Table

    Simple Holiday Table

    Simple Kitchen Desk Chair

    Simple Kitchen Work Table

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