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  • Marry recycled wood shutters with new lumber for a fresh Art Deco-inspired headboard.
    Good places to find old shutters include consignment and salvage shops. The shutters used in this project measure 10 inches wide and were 64 inches long, so you'll need to adjust as needed for the shutters you find. This project will fit up to a queen size bed.
    Cut the shutters
    Mark one shutter at 33 1/2 inches and remove and hardware that may be in the path of this line. Cut using a miter saw as shown below if your saw is wide enough to accommodate the shutter. (Be sure to clamp it in place while cutting.) Otherwise, use a circular saw with a straightedge. This creates the long shutter.
    Mark the remaining portion of the remaining portion of this shutter at 31 inches and cut. Mark another shutter at 31 inches and cut. This creates the two short shutters.
    Prepare the filler boards
    Cut the long filler boards and short filler boards to length per the Project Parts list using a miter saw as shown below.
    Use a compass to mark a 1 1/2-inch radius on one corner of one of the filler boards.
    Cut out the arc using a jigsaw. Sand smooth, and use this board as a template to mark the radius on one corner of each of the remaining filler boards.
    Position the filler boards and shutters flush against each other and measure the width of the project. This will be the length of the offset board and headboard and wall cleats.
    Position the two short filler boards with the edges flush so that the arcs are on the outside top corner. Position the two long filler boards likewise.
    Apply pre-stain conditioner and stain as desired. Make sure stain is applied to only the face of the boards as positioned above and not the opposite face. Stain the edges and ends as well. Apply a coat of polyurethane.
    Make and attach the cleat
    Mark a centerline across the end of a 1 x 6. Mark the centerpoint of this line and draw a 45-degree angle that bisects this centerpoint.
    Set the saw blade on your table saw at 45 degrees, then set the fence on your table saw so that the 45-degree mark lines up with the saw blade. Rip the 1 x 6 to create the headboard cleat and wall cleat.
    Assemble the headboard
    Cut the headboard cleat and wall cleat to length.
    Position the offset board flush against a straightedge (a piece of scrap plywood with a true edge clamped to your work surface will work well). Position the headboard cleat as shown below, as well as the short filler boards, short shutters, long filler boards, and long shutter.
    Start with the left short filler board. Attach it to the offset board using glue and at least four 1 1/4-inch wire brads (make sure it is flush with the straightedge and the offset board).
    Position one of the short shutters flush against this board and attach it to the offset board using four 2-inch screws. Position a long filler board flush against this shutter and attach it to the offset board using four 1 1/4-inch wire brads. Position the long shutter flush against the long filler board and attach it to the offset board using four 2-inch screws.
    Repeat the steps in reverse (long filler board, short shutter, short filler board as shown at right), attaching the parts in the same manner, as shown below.
    Double check the position of the headboard cleat and make sure it matches what is shown at right. Use a square to keep the board in line and clamp in place. Attach the filler boards and shutters to the cleat in the same matter as they were attached to the offset board as shown in the bottom image.
    Install the headboard
    Position the headboard assembly in the desired location, flush against the wall to which you will install it.
    Place the wall cleat flush underneath and against the headboard cleat. Mark the position of the wall cleat.
    Use a level to square the cleat and attach it to the studs in your wall using 3 1/2-inch screws, as shown in the first image. (The drywall is transparent to illustrate the position of the studs).
    The second and third images indicate how the headboard cleat (shown here unattached for clarity) will fit on the wall cleat.

    What You’ll Need

    2 – 1 x 6 x 6
    2 – 1 x 8 x 6
    (availability will vary)
    Hardware & Supplies
    3 1/2-inch wood screws
    2-inch wood screws
    1 1/4-inch brads
    wood glue
    pre-stain conditioner
    old shutters
    table saw
    miter saw
    sander/belt sander
    Kreg Pocket Hole Jig


    Long Shutter (1) - 1 1/2* x 10* x 33 1/2
    Short Shutters (2) - 1 1 /2* x 10* x 32
    Long Filler Boards (2) - 3/4 x 7 1/4 x 33 1 /2
    Short Filler Boards (2) - 3/4 x 7 1/4 x 32
    Headboard Cleat (1) - 3/4 x 3 1/1 6** x 59
    Wall Cleat (1) - 3/4 x 3 1/1 6** x 59
    Offset Board (1) - 3/4 x 5 1/2 x 59
    *size will vary depending on you shutters
    **the widest face

    Download the plan pdf file

    (C) Chris Hill/Chief’s Shop 2009-2013