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  • Rocking Horse

    The Chiefís Shop Rocking Horse free woodworking plan makes a great toy or accent piece. I built this one using red oak, but any hardwood would work well. You can use pine, but I recommend a hardwood for the rockers.

    A note about the rockers: A shallow arc, as Iíve designed this, doesnít allow for a large range of movement. This is an intentional design feature, in addition to the recurve on the ends, to limit the potential for tipping. Modify the rocker design at your own risk if you want a larger range of movement.

    Youíll need a table saw, miter saw, jig saw or band saw, and a Kreg Jig to complete this project.

    Download the plan pdf by clicking here or on the image at left.

    (C) Chris Hill/Chiefís Shop 2009-2014
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